Japanese Knotweed isn’t the only plant that can cause an issue

Other Plants

When left untreated over two or more growing seasons, in addition to Japanese Knotweed, Marestail, Hogweed, Nettles, Brambles, Buddleia, Ragwort, Himalayan Balsam, Dock, Bracken, Hedge Parsley, Cow Parsley and Gorse, amongst others have colonised many gardens, public footpaths, recreational areas, brownfield sites etc. and generally speaking, are plants which have very little appeal to the average Mr & Mrs Jo Public. Treating overgrown ‘garden vegetation’ has been a regular source of business for us during the last few years and there appears to be no shortage of property owners who consistently contact us in order to start the ‘clearing offensive’

Whilst treating Japanese Knotweed and providing JKMP / SAR is predominantly, a large segment of our work, we are also fully equipped to treat many other invasive plant species or plants which are generally considered as undesirable to the average landowner. We often gain referrals via estate agents and mortgage brokers in order to arrange for site clearance in preparation for restoration and property transfer. It may take a little time to clear, but a complete ‘refresh’ is perfectly attainable with a little time and dedication.

During times of high demand, it may be that this type of work is completed by a local sub-contractor however, rest assured you will receive the same level of service as you would from a member of our own staff.

weed removal services swansea
weed removal swansea